Friday, 25 September 2009

Holiday 2009 - part 3....

Well we have done so much and been so busy I've not managed to write this every evening like I'd planned to, so I won't go into great detail now or you'll get bored before the end!

Best thing is that everyone got over their colds (some sooner than others) but thankfully it didn't stop anyone enjoying whatever we were doing. In fact the list of what we have done this week is amazing, considering we all feel like nothing was rushed and we are not exhausted by having to force all the attractions in...........
  • 2 days on two different beaches, Poldhu Cove and Church Cove
  • 2 evenings having BBQs, toasting marshmallows and very late nights by the fire pit
  • Table tennis playing and DVD watching at the farmhouse
  • Visit to the seal sanctuary at Gweek
  • Long walks at Travarno Gardens, and to Loe beach and bar - eating blackberries en route
  • Another long walk at Glendurgan gardens and all but me and LittleOne spent some time running and swinging on the 'Giant Stride' pole
  • Dropped Sool at Truro station
  • Lands End (most westerly) and Lizard Point (most southerly) parts of England
  • Plus lots of internetting as the house had free wifi.
and tomorrow we sadly pack up and go home....but we'll spent some time at the Eden Project on the way, so as not to waste our last day!!!

Bet you wish you had been here?

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