Sunday, 20 September 2009

Holiday 2009 - part 1....

It's Cornwall this year and way down at the Lizard peninsular......end of the earth as SOOL calls it.

We spent nearly all day in the car yesterday getting here with a few 'comfort' breaks, mostly for LittleOne to have a feed or a bum change, a slight detour and stop to collect Comedian and Olympian as they were visiting their dad in Dorset, then one more 'comfort' break and a quick services-dinner stop as it was getting so late and we finally got here about 8:30ish.

7 of us plus luggage in the one vehicle was a little snug but not a problem. Daughter and Hubby sharing the driving. We had also taken with our in-car DVD player to amuse the children and it was so funny seeing the expression on LittleOne's face when we stuck a screen showing "Over The Hedge" cartoon so he could see it too!

The farmhouse is really nice and full of all we could need. A welcome pack was on the table with tea bags, coffee, bottles one of local fresh juice the other of sparkling water, packet of fudge, packet of biscuits and as pot of jam (all home made locally). We thought this was wonderful, then we opened the fridge to find not only eggs, milk and butter but a tray full of scones, jam and clotted cream.............great start to our holiday having our late night West Country snack :o)

Then it was a good scout round to check out the facilities and choose which bedroom to claim - (well that was the children) then trying to stay enthusiastic for the girls as they wanted to play the new games they had found in a cupboard, but we were all far too tired.......lasted till after midnight - girls were impressed that we arrived on Saturday but they didn't go to bed until Sunday - then all drifting up to our beds.

Today we are having a quiet "around the farmhouse" day.
Wish you were here...

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