Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Theatre: The Elves and the Shoemaker......

The Red Rose Chain Theatre Company
Our Christmas Show!
adapted by Joanna Carrick
This Christmas get ready to slip on your fanciest footwear, tighten your laces and hop on over to see The Elves!
It’s the 1st of December. The countdown to Christmas is on in Elvedon, everyone’s scrambling to find the perfect gift, and all the shops are heaving…well almost all of them. Lovelace’s Boots & Shoes hasn’t seen much action lately…but Elvira is hopeful…there’s still a few weeks left, right? Everyone needs shoes…and they’re the only shoe shop in town.
Elvira has bucket-loads of talent, her shoe designs are legendary, just ask her best buddy Frank. It’s just a shame her boyfriend Englebert doesn’t appreciate her, er, we mean her shoes…But he’s a catch, everyone says so! And then there’s Elvira’s father – Norbert – who has owned the shop all his life, and knows exactly what people want…better than the customers know themselves! Who wants fancy green Wheezies when you could have sensible grey boots?
Elvira is determined to change their fate, and dreams of the perfect Christmas…and making an honest man out of Englebert, but it’s going to take some serious help from two very special visitors to turn things around! Together, can Elvira, Frank and the Elves work their magic to save the shop, overcome the odds and make all of Elvira’s wedding dreams come true…All before Christmas Day?
You’ve heard the story of The Elves & The Shoemaker, now prepare to be wowed as we sprinkle lots of Red Rose Chain magic all over this timeless Brothers Grimm tale. Expect a feel-good love story full of shoes, shenanigans and something for everyone!


Clever and funny and fast paced with lots of audience interaction that kept everyone entertained, especially the front rows of children that loved getting chosen to help.

Hard to believe there were only three actors. Elvira was the lead character all the way through, however the two men covered eleven characters between them sometimes achieving leaving the stage one way and appearing somewhere else within seconds including a costume change!

I went with Daughter and O, meeting other friends there. O loved it. Meanwhile R was working front of house some of the time and backstage during the performance, in fact she is so permanently part of the theatre volunteer staff that it was the first time I'd seen her in more than a month. Theatre is very much part of who she is now.

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Michelle said...

i love that she has found a place for herself. Wish we lived nearer to see it!