Sunday, 23 April 2017

Yin and yang.......

Don't know why I'm not getting here much just now, unless it's a theatre trip which I tend to do straight away. Good if I'm busy and not fitting blogging in but bad if I don't feel there's anything worth blogging about.

We bought a new mattress, we really needed it! I hate shopping and researching and choosing, then my friend happened to say they'd bought a new mattress, really good price and it had very good reviews, so I said to send me the link and I bought the same. It's thicker so higher than the last one so I have to do a bit of a Fosbury Flop to get onto it and when new it did smell a bit but that soon went.......and it's really comfortable. We got new pillows too and because I must be sleeping differently I'm guessing that's why I'm dreaming more than I ever did, which is neither a good or bad.

While knitting the end came off a fairly new circular needle, so I contacted the seller and asked for a replacement. Not knowing how long it would take and wanting emergency spares I also did a next day delivery for a really cheap set of bamboo circular needles. The bamboo ones arrived and they were sooooo smelly I didn't want to use them like that, so I washed them in perfumed liquid soap and hung them to dry over a towel to catch the drips......then I couldn't unplug the sink! Had to stay like that all day till Hubby got home. Hubby fixed the sink but by which time the whole bathroom smelt like the cords on the bamboo needles, so they got thrown onto the garden table to be left outside for a couple of days. Now two weeks later they have finally lost most of the pong! Actually the metal replacement came only a day later so knitting commenced.

In January we ordered a four piece leather suite (more horrid choosing and decision making) and in April they were ready to be delivered. Daughter now has two pieces of our original suite, but only after Hubby and Daughter manhandled (womanhandled) them out of ours into a borrowed van and into hers (needing to remove and replace porch patio doors), then took her discarded sofa and arm chair out to go to the tip, although halfway there he remembered that our tip now stays closed on a Wednesday so that became Thursdays job before the van had to go back. And while our lounge was relatively empty it was carpet cleaning time. We sat like newlyweds on the one remaining two seater sofa for the following week. The new suite (what is it with very smelly new stuff?) is brown so most of the old blue cushions looked wrong, so with my trusty sewing machine, an upcycled knitted jacket and a piece of material which had been in my stash for years we have new cushions (for free)

Yesterday was a fun celebration for an old friend's 80th birthday. We were honored to be included with mostly family and a few very close friends!
Tomorrow is the funeral for a very old friend. At the crematorium we are honored to be included with mostly family and a few very close friends!


Michelle said...

Could you pretty please send me the mattress link?
I think the smells are the chemicals dispersing (from things like foam and fire retardant application)
I hope the funeral went smoothly. X

Michelle said...

No idea what they would've applied to the bamboo needles!

MumB / @mumbosh said...
Link for the single, also comes in double and king size.
You'll be pleased to know all those smells have now gone! I use circular knitting needles so it wasn't the bamboo ends it was the plastic/silicone cord bit that ponged.
Yes the funeral was a true celebration of her life and testament to how much she was loved by more than 250 people coming together in the church.

Michelle said...

AAAARGh. It worked the other day and now it doesn't. What was the name of the mattress? Maybe they've discontinued it now I was about to seriously consider buying it?

Michelle said...

It was Dormeo wasn't it. Which one?

Michelle said...

Apparently it was Dormeo Antigua Hybrid mattress and is out of stock everywhere so has been removed from the website. Sigh.

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Can't see it on Argos now but hopefully you'll find another supplier. Dormeo Antigua Hybrid