Friday, 20 January 2017

Productive few days......

You know what it's like when nothing goes to plan, well hey when things do go to plan it is so worth shouting about here, even if it's normal routine stuff.

We have just ordered new lounge furniture and delivery dates won't clash with our upcoming holiday.

As Daughter will be taking some of our current suite (as it's so much better than what she has), she decided it was a good time to improve her lounge floor before the sofa swap. So with Hubby's help out went the old carpet and down went a floating wood laminate. Not easy as she has nowhere else to put her furniture so it was move aside - do a bit of floor - move furniture again - do a bit more floor - etc.

This Wednesday it was our turn to benefit from the B&Q pensioner discount with more flooring. This is the before photo. We have creamy beige carpet which I still like and I know the front doorway looks good it's only because that's a new rug, as each one gets too grubby to clean up we cut another piece of offcut but unfortunately this was the very last spare piece. Also the rugs really annoy us when they creep under the door and have to be dragged back whatever gripper non-slip products we have tried.
 And this is the after photo. Hubby has done another great job of laying a floating vinyl laminate (not easy getting all our wires secured and flat and hidden). So we now have a wipe clean entrance.

We've also had a tyre change on my car, I've cleared and dried the laundry and half way through the ironing, bought a new suitcase and changed sterling to dollars in spite of Brexit negotiations and Trump-mania lol.

On the social side I had a lovely long Skype catch up with friendsL&K in the US.
BFriendM and I took the train to Ely to spend time with friendHBW where we went into the Cathedral, had tea in a crypt and learnt a bit more about Oliver Cromwell.

Had a lovely lunch with friendLE and friendSG in a local restaurant I've not been to before. We enjoyed it so much our next meet up for the end of March is already booked for the same place.

Oh and also took back a jumper Hubby had bought me for Christmas that sadly didn't fit and changed it for two pairs of jeans. Of course then at home I had to shorten both pairs. 

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