Sunday, 21 August 2016

Gone but not forgotten.......

Very sad news yesterday that friendDJ lost his battle with cancer, he fought long and hard, never giving up hope. We were told he slipped away peacefully surrounded by family with his hands being held. He'd recently told me holding hands made him feel safe so I was pleased he had that at the end.

Today facebook is full of tributes to him, he was so loved.

He was very much a part of our friends group. He loved live music, in fact he had played in local bands himself for many of his younger years which is how bfriendM got to know him as he was following the band her drummer boyfriend played in. While chatting she discovered his love of painting so she dragged him along to our art group. After art we always went to Olive's Bar which hosted live bands on a Thursday night so of course friendDJ came with getting to know the whole gang, although he often wandered off to chat to the rest of the room! He loved a good dance too. As I was the only one there without my Hubby friendDJ would often be my slow dance partner.

He will always be remembered, as a very talented musician and artist, he loved life and everything in it, he hated injustice, he appreciated all pretty things and noticed if I was wearing a new top or had nice perfume on. He would help everyone with anything he could without wanting anything in return And he voiced all this so we all felt loved.

RIP friendDJ.


Michelle said...

Oh that is so so sad. I'm sorry.

Lovely words and clearly many happy memories. Xx

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Facebook has gone mental with tributes, he was so well loved.