Sunday, 3 April 2016

My Hubby my hero......

Thought it time for an update to the ongoing headache problem, still keeping fingers crossed as I'm not totally recovered but definitely getting there :-)

After the hospital and a couple of less painful days we thought the introduction of the extra blood pressure pill was doing the trick but the pains in my head became worse again over easter weekend and I had to spend most of it in bed, not managing to make my planned easter cake, cancelling Daughter and the children coming over Sunday, cancelling our garden egg hunt, cancelling our family roast dinner making me feel really sad.  Daughter came over and collected their easter eggs together with dinner ingredients to cook at home and returned after they'd eaten with cooked food for us :-)

Hubby, as always, was brilliant, up and down the stairs making sure I was ok and letting me know when I could take another dose of painkillers. He'd decided/calculated that as the hospital had said my problem was bp related and started early February it must be a direct response to my medication change at the end of January, so Tuesday morning he was out of bed early to get straight on the phone and get an emergency appointment for a GP. Before leaving home Hubby said don't take the pill I think is the problem, we'll see what the doctor says. My usual GP is on holiday so we saw one I'd not seen before, he looked at all my notes and immediately said "I think it's migraine so take these pills and I'll phone you in a week" when Hubby tried to tell him his theory he said "No I think the bp medication change is pure coincidence as high bp doesn't cause headaches, we only treat it now to prevent what it may cause in ten years time" So we left with migraine tablets!

When we got home Hubby said because of what the doctor said it was ok to take that pill, however because I was taking it later than usual if his theory was right then instead of the intense pain coming around midday as it had done then expect it around mid-afternoon! Our neighbours popped in to check up on me and have an afternoon cuppa and 3:30pm I could feel the pain returning, that man is amazing! I took the first of four migraine pills at two hourly intervals as prescribed but they did nothing so with the help of Hubby looking it up and Daughter checking with her qualified friends I took painkillers too and got a little sleep till the early hours.

Not sure how but Hubby was on the phone first thing Wednesday morning and got another GP appointment, no mean feat at our surgery these days. Different doctor again and he listened to Hubby's theory and agreed that we should give the offending pills a gap for one week while keeping a good record of bp readings, if it hadn't risen in a week we can discuss again what to do next. He said that he appreciated Hubby's research as headaches were not a common side effect of that drug so that was why it was probably missed, Hubby's instant response was "Well that's because my wife's not common!" gave us all a that man!

All this time I've had constant caring support from so many family and friends, all making regular contact and searching for answers and offering suggestions like see a dentist it may be a tooth or have I got a carbon monoxide alarm in the house, or coming over to give me hugs,

So another two days and although a background headache none of that dreadful pain and no need for pain relief, thankfully Hubby seems to have cured me and I was being eternally grateful until middle of the night Friday and again early hours of Sunday horrid pain needing paracetamol but actually not quite as bad as it had been so think we are getting there. Another tricky part of the same problem is the new glasses  collected just over a week ago are not quite right but until my head is sorted I  can't actually describe what's wrong so that needs sorting too! Really hope I'm pain free soon as I've a very busy diary for the week ahead and would hate to have to cancel any of it and I'm truly bored of talking about this.


Michelle said...

"High coincidence" and "false negative" are expressions I've learned to disbelieve. Also, just because an experience or reaction is the first time they've come across it, doesn't make it an invalid response to be dismissed.

Glad you're making inroads into resolving the cause of the headaches and hope you find the right balance / meds soon.


MumB / @mumbosh said...

As we are all so different medicine will never be an exact science and I'm sure after seven-plus years of training no doctor wants to say "I don't know" so guesswork with confidence lol. I still have total respect for doctors though. We'll get there in the end I'm sure.