Sunday, 24 April 2016

Another busy week.........

Monday was the 7th birthday for O (doesn't time just fly by?). He'd had a big party at home on Saturday for friends and siblings, so today was visiting the grandparents to collect his present and for dinner, he had requested Japanese! So it was sushi plus other finger foods for a party buffet. Followed by cake of course. No time for a photo of him blowing out the candles as he was straight in desperate to eat it. Marshmallows on the outside as they are his favourite and the mini eggs on top should have been on the easter cake but I'd been unwell so this was a good time to use them. O was very happy.

Tuesday we popped out to the garden centre because we needed to fill a gap in the lounge. Last week we'd swapped satellite tv, broadband and phone to cable for all three, so while Hubby was prepping and tidying the wiring he declared the large hifi system redundant,  but as it was covering plugs, sockets and lots of wires we replaced it with the bookcase which now sits neatly by the chimney breast. 

But that left a large gap behind my sofa. I'd spent ages huffing and puffing and moving furniture around but nothing was better than where it all had been so it all went back and we bought this huge plant to fill the gap where the bookcase had been. 

Wednesday was an early start as the GP wanted to see me and made an 8:30am appointment for me that wasn't even at my local branch surgery it was at the main surgery in the centre of town. I did tell him retired people don't need to get up that early!  On the way back we stopped at Daughter's and had a quick cuppa then O came home with me while Hubby and Daughter hitched up her caravan to bring to ours so they can wash it. It really needed it. ...
The afternoon I was at the theatre seeing Invincible as already blogged. 
Then out again in the evening for dinner with friends in our usual pub in Felixstowe. 

Thursday started with a text from Daughter saying as the sun was shining she'd walk over with O to our house if someone could give them a lift home as it takes them about 50 mins to walk it so both ways is far too much for O's little legs. The evening I was with the art group, picking up friendDJ on the way (who was looking quite fragile). The road to his estate has had road works on it for months and tonight it was actually closed one way so I could get to him but we had a long detour to get back on the road to art. Afterwards together with friendM, friendDJ and I always head to Olive's Bar to meet friends and enjoy live music, however friendDJ asked to be taken home as he was so tired. This time the road to his was completely closed so a long detour in and out again getting to our friends about half hour later than usual. One of or favourite bands so that made up for it. 

Friday Hubby paid a visit to the surgery because he has a small patch on his back that has recently become itchy, one of our GPs is a dermatologist who happened to be in our branch surgery (very rare indeed) and he said it's BCC cancer which needs removal but isn't urgent so he's done a referral to the hospital. In the evening, like last year, one of my neighbours invited me to join them at the Mother's Union charity event to raise funds for AFIA (Away From It All) a project that helps people in dire need to have a holiday. It was a lovely sit down 2-course dinner and the speaker this evening told us he was the comedy writer for many famous people, his first ever public joke being told by Ronnie Barker on the Two Ronnie's Show. He managed to name drop throughout and read the jokes he had written for them.......only going to prove that the humour is definitely in the delivery of a professional comic not the writer as there were only polite giggles from this audience. I'm not going to mention his name as I actually didn't hear it when he was introduced so that will save him further embarrassment. When I got home R was here with Hubby as there was a little unrest at home that she wanted to escape and sleeping here makes it easier for us tomorrow. 

Saturday I was on duty to take R to drama at 10am and stay there and bring her home after plus we were supposed to be taking both granddaughters to meet their dad at Thurrock as Daughter had plans of her own, so we arranged to meet my nieceL for a coffee at Lakeside as it's near her and gave us the opportunity to meet her new boyfriend, however, a few days ago Daughter told us their dad couldn't have them this weekend as his car had broken down, not good when he had to do about 250 mile round trip to collect them and then to deliver them back on Sunday, so he cancelled. Couldn't cancel nieceL as I was so looking forward to seeing her so we rearranged location to midway between us. Before that I'd collected E and D and together with R they stayed at my house while Hubby and I popped out. Lovely meeting up with nieceL and her boyfriend, just a short chat over a couple of drinks because they were delayed arriving by a tragic jam and we had to get back to make dinner for our teenagers. They didn't want to sleep over so I took them home mid-evening. 

Add to this essential but minimal housework, laundry and some gardening over three different days, daily exercises for my very poorly knees which isn't helping  (physio next week) and lots of knitting and crafting as I've three babies due June, July and September that I'm making presents for!


Michelle said...

I seem to have resigned myself to always having a bad left knee :-(. Physio was useless and made it hurt more. So I'm stretching the right leg as the front of thigh is still extremely tight and it always hurts when I stretch it. I do this at least once every day as it feels 'right' to do so, though there is never any improvement, it's always as tight as the day before - but at least that only hurts whilst I'm stretching, whereas the knee exercises make the knee hurt both when doing them and Inbetween doing them, and my instinct is telling me that it is wrong to do them. Might copy this comment and blog it to have a record.

I'm needing to do more exercise, C studying means more time at home and I'm not wanting to walk by myself. I also like eating so less active, oversized portions = weight increasing which means the poor knee is taking more burden. I joined Meetup but looking for walks when M&C are not around to spend time with. Pondering Nordic walking which I've always gently scoffed at but actually, might be what knee and back would like.

Anyhow. Your newsy blog was lovely to read. Room looks great. O's cake looked delish and nice seeing family. Hope the itchy back is sorted. An itch he can't itch must be difficult for him. I get excess sometimes and I know I shouldn't but do so inadvertently!

Michelle said...

Exzema not excess!

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Hahaha was thinking excess was a code word? Also just noticed above it says my niece was delayed because of a tragic accident which should have said traffic! Bloody autocorrect!
I'm now wondering if my knees and other aches and pains are due to the new/revised bp medication, guess I'll be back at the doctors soon :(

Michelle said...

Ah. Could well be. Yes, go back to GP x