Wednesday, 5 August 2015

SYO concert at Snape Prom.....

Last night was the Suffolk Youth Orchestra end of summer tour finale concert.

They have played four concerts this year in the Czech and Slovak Republics. What a great opportunity for young musicians. E said it was brilliant and apart from the incredibly exhausting very long hours on a coach she loved it.

Daughter had bought me and herself seats for Snape a long time ago. Just before E came home from tour Daughter kidnapped E's best friend to come and stay and surprise her. E'sBF then wanted to come to the concert (she's never been to anything like it before) but unfortunately Daughter could only get a prom ticket which is sitting on the floor right in front of the stage.

We arrived in plenty of time, collected the tickets, found a bench for our picnic and enjoyed the view. Had time for a short wander and to admire the sculptures then went inside. I love the huge hall which isn't decorated at all, has vast walls of open brickwork and a massive ceiling of open beams, but I know has the most amazing acoustics so you feel pleasure just walking through the door.

When it came to it E'sBF was a little nervous sitting down there by herself so Daughter sent her to sit up with me and she sat on her cushion, could hear it all but see nothing. We could see E on percussion really clearly. Beside me was in fact an empty seat and my nearest neighbour said it was her ticket which wasn't going to be used and she was happy for Daughter to use it after the interval.

As luck would have it the piece they played which took up the whole of the second half needed only one timpany player so four percussionists just sat on stage doing nothing. They did, however, get a special mention from the conductor and all played in the encore piece.

A lovely evening and yet another proud grandma moment to treasure.

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Michelle said...

Wonderful experience for her :-). Brilliant.