Wednesday, 12 August 2015

2015's birthday.......

Yep it comes around every year and I'm so pleased about that :-)

Last Thursday we went out for dinner with friendsL&K and I was given a little gift bag with my card and present that I've had to look at for five days, finally I unwrapped another little jug for my collection.

Monday night four of us ate out as our "girls night out birthday celebration", any excuse to eat out eh? Unfortunately my steak wasn't good, it was rare when I'd asked for medium and it was very chewy, so the very sweet waitress apologised and let us have desserts for free. My friends sent me home with more cards and gift bags full of presents.

Yesterday was my birthday and my lovely day started with opening all my presents and cards, I'm such a lucky girl (never too old to be a girl). Hubby cooked my breakfast and after that I had trouble getting off the sofa because of all the well wishers coming through on facebook, messenger, WhatsApp, email, text and phone calls.....I was feeling very special.

Daughter and family arrived soon after lunch, her partner arriving after work. We had nine sitting down for dinner (hubby and I cooked a roast together) and Son arrived for the evening (work and traffic delays) so I shared this birthday with my husband, both of our children, all of our grandchildren and even a couple of extras, it's been quite a few years since we've managed to all get together on the right day.

Daughter made my chocolate cheesecake dessert/birthday cake which was absolutely delicious


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday! (For yesterday)

So Happy Day After Birthday for today! X

When M had his birthday he grumbled about getting older. I did point out that he didn't really want to be wishing he wasn't getting older. That made him stop and think. Then agreed with me strongly.

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Thank you and yes my sentiment exactly x