Saturday, 16 May 2015

Theatre: Feed the Beast.....

Presented by The New Wolsey Theatre and Birmingham Repertory Theatre
From the award-winning writer of the highly acclaimed BBC programmes, Sherlock and Doctor Who, Feed The Beast is a fiercely funny look at the rocky relations between our press and politicians.

     Michael is moving into Number 10 Downing Street and there will be no charm offensives with this Prime MInister, not with a country to run, a welfare state to reform and vested interests to confront. But when his family's private life looks set to be the next big story, Michael's ruthless young press secretary tells him there's only one way to handle the Media: "Feed the beast before it turns on you".
     Can Michael keep politics and policies centre stage or will he, himself, finally become the story?
      As traditional political loyalties splinter, and the country's future is in the balance, Steve Thompson's new drama asks whether a good man can be a good politician . Or do we get the politicians, and the Press, that we deserve?


Well I'm not sure how anyone found it "fiercely funny" because we didn't but it was very good and thought provoking of how it can all go horribly wrong behind closed doors of government when those at the top, the ones with high morals and very good intentions, get bad advice.

All very fitting just now after this general election and all the press coverage. Do we really know what's going on or do we only know what they want us to know?

Excellent performance by many well known actors I've seen on tv. Big disappointment was the half empty seats but that could be due to the new ticket pricing!

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