Thursday, 7 May 2015

He's off again.....

Hubby is away again this weekend, it's the annual walking weekend that he does with a big bunch of blokes. This year they are going to Swanage in Dorset.

Next door friendA is driving a full car and they are setting off at 9am tomorrow so his wife friendP and myself will stand on the drive and do the ritual waving until they are out of sight then celebrate with her coming in for a coffee.

After that I have Saturday from 8am-ish to about 4pm being entertained (and exercised) by R and O while Daughter and E are at Kentwell for meetings relating to Tudor stuff next month. Us three will be at R's drama for two hours (she acts we wait while I convince O that he really doesn't need all that stuff in the tuck shop that will be having a huge magnetic force on him and my purse). During Friday and Sunday I'm hoping to fit in some baking, seedling planting out, finish photo sorting that has been ongoing for too long, serious bathroom cleaning, ironing and cooking a dinner for Hubby's return. In reality it could be a little too much playing scrabble online and reading a book!

If I achieve a lot you'll see it here first, so you'll know what's happened if it's silent hahaha

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