Saturday, 25 April 2015

Home alone.....

Last Sunday, early morning to Wednesday, late at night,  Hubby was away at Son's house so they could rebuild the bathroom together.

So many people asked if I was ok alone and am I lonely!
Lovely that people care but actually I enjoy pleasing myself sometimes and I had lots I wanted to get done, as for lonely I wasn't really alone for long.

When we were clearing out some rooms we asked our Son if he wanted his big punchbag in his own home and he said that it was in fact his friend's on loan (has been here about 15 years). So I contacted his friend who said he would come and get it. Two months later I reminded him and said if he came early Sunday morning he would get to see our Son in person (been years since they've seen each other). So soon after 9am his friend arrived with his two small children (and breakfast for them) as his wife is working a long shift (she's a nurse). They really enjoyed their buddy catchup and promised to be more active at keeping in touch. I really enjoyed playing with the children who are 4 and not yet 1 years old.

Hubby and Son headed off about 10am, his friend packed up the children and left about 11:30am.......we both forgot about the punchbag so it's still here doh!

Barely half hour on my own when Daughter and O turned up. O was desperate to show me his new green scooter that he got the day before for his birthday. E had stayed at home.  They had lunch with me and O was building a willow sticks den in the garden and rode his scooter then left in time for Daughter to do the long drive to collect R from her dad.

Monday I got loads done with running the dishwasher unloading and reloading it,  gardening, washing, pegging out (and bringing in when dry of course), repairing some earrings, ironing and vacuuming our bedroom plus lots of pottering between jobs and of course keeping up with all my online scrabble games. And my neighbours knocked to check I'm ok.

Tuesday I was back out in the garden, the weather was really lovely again, I'm struggling to clear the weeds from between the patio slabs (I'm trying salt water weed killer at the moment) and I have to feed the fish twice a day in Hubby's absence and they are fascinating to just stand and watch, so that always takes a lot longer than expected. While I was over by the pond I picked the first of this year's rhubarb.  Daughter and O came over so he could have a bath. The girls chose to stay at home which they are doing more often these days. O loved the rhubarb fool I'd made he even had thirds!

That evening friendM and I tried a Chinese restaurant we hadn't been to before. ......their  food was ok but we were the only customers they had all evening but even so they weren't that attentive and I even had to shout 'hello' for someone to come out and make up our bill, which included a service charge already (don't like that) and we didn't get the discount from offering a'Gourmet Card' as she said they don't take them, funny that as they had the right sticker on the front door saying they did! It must be so hard running a family business especially when we were their only customers, so we didn't complain, however, friendM has complained to 'Gourmet Society'. Needless to say we won't bother going back again.

Wednesday night I was out with my usual friends in our usual pub and Hubby was home and asleep in bed when I got home. Unfortunately they had had problems with the plumbing and had left the bathroom finally leak free and mostly tiled but still without the bath and shower fitted and working. Son had to be in London Thursday and Friday on a course he couldn't get out of.

Thursday we had O and R here for lunch while E made use of the empty house for percussion practice and help from her mum. When Daughter arrived to collect her two she found us all in full party swing.

R made party hats. There was loud music.
Monkey party guests definitely look worse for wear!

Party food was appreciated.

While he's home Hubby wants to get lots done. Freshly mown lawn today looks so much tidier. Sunday we will be out all day at my friend's dad's stone setting (in London and then Herts),  hard to believe it's been a year since the funeral we couldn't go to because we went on the cruise without these friends. I'm guessing we will get home about 6pm then soon after Son will arrive to take Hubby back to his home in Wiltshire to spend another few days finishing the bathroom.

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