Sunday, 5 April 2015

Don't bother reading......

Really nothing much to report!

Last Wednesday/Thursday I had to wear the dreaded blood pressure monitor for 24 hours. It actually hurts each time as I've big arms so it blows up really tight and it pinged then buzzed and squeezed every half hour all through the day and every hour from 10pm to 8am then back to every half hour. I also found it really difficult to bend my arm with the cuff on so had to do most things one handed like brushing my hair and slept in my bra as I couldn't reach to undo it and Hubby was fast asleep when I went up. When I was finally released from it and the nurse downloaded the readings the average was pretty much normal.

So this is Easter weekend with two bank holidays but mine has been quite boring. Bank holidays mean nothing now we're retired. R is spending it with her dad. E who didn't feel well enough to go is at home with M. Daughter and O are being Tudors for the four days and Hubby is mostly playing with his new no egg painting or garden egg hunt this year, I'm catching up with the ironing!

Tonight E is coming for a sleepover and tomorrow will be our monthly coffee morning so maybe there will be a bit more to blog about....but this one wasn't worth reading!

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