Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Office to studio makeover.....

This is how I've been storing and working on my art or craft stuff,  on a small desk in a single bedroom with a double bed in there, so stuff all over the bed until we need it for guests then a mad scramble to clear the space.

Then Hubby moved his office downstairs, so he decorated the vacated double bedroom for me to use instead. Oh dear another name change needed..... think it will have to be 'studio'. Am I the only one that has to have room names? 

Although it is still a work in progress, this is what my work space looks like today.

That frame will have my notice board, half magnet half cork. 
You're thinking it looks quite spacious and tidy, but so much more stuff that hasn't even been brought back in!

The big cupboard just out of sight on the left and the drawer unit are still full of hubby's office stuff grrr.
I'll not complain yet though as need him to move shelves and fix the clock to the wall as I really can't reach without climbing.

The sofa bed needs covering as the fabric is split (upcycling a duvet cover).
The corks on the table will be my notice board one day. 
The table had been in the games room under the pool table and definitely no place for it down there now, but it was given to me by my sister nearly 40 years ago when we had very little and they were buying new, so I'm reluctant to part with it. It has felt pads on the legs to help it move on the laminate floor but as it wouldn't slide in the carpet up here I've pinched four caps from aerosol cans (lucky I have a stock of hair products) to cap the bottom of each leg and now it slides quite well. 
All those shelves need sorting, the ones on the wall will be my photo albums and the unit will be my art and craft books and my collection of patterns in folders. 
I'll move the coffee table out of the way when the clothes horse goes up with wet washing on and then when the ironing board is in use. If that gets on my nerves it may have to go.
And of course there is always a pile of ironing to do! 


Michelle said...

Lots of work! What are your plans for the spare room? You could leave the ironing and laundry in there?

MumB / @mumbosh said...

Not sure if that will just be a guest room or have another purpose too at some point but not enough floor space for clothes horse or ironing board and I have the big tv in the studio. Wet washing is never there for long and I'm a master at ignoring ironing :-)