Sunday, 1 March 2015

DIY home and away....

As an interruption to the DIY going on here my nephewE asked if hubby could change some lights in the house they have just moved into. NephewE won't touch electrics. So last Sunday (yes I'm only just catching up) we spent most of the day in Benfleet, Essex. It turned out they planned to change ALL the lights and of course nothing is ever as easy as it should be. When doing the two in the hall one came out of the box broken which meant a trip to B&Q to be replaced. The wiring was awkward on most of them and the fuse box was high up in the garage so one set of steps (which we'd only thought to bring last minute) had to be carried back and forth each time for the fuse to go back in for testing then out again for the next light (or to fix and refix). Some of the time it was raining so in and out of the garage meant shoes off and on too.

So with daylight fading and a standard lamp following him around hubby completed two ceiling lights in the hall, two ceiling lights in the lounge, two wall lights and a picture light in the lounge and the dining room ceiling light. It's a wonder he didn't have a stiff neck from all that looking up! He'll need a second visit to do upstairs.

I got the tour of the new house, which they have furnished really nicely by finding a shop that sells slight seconds really cheaply. I was fascinated by their wall art, which apparently you buy as a large transfer sheet which is pressed against the wall and the banking sheet removed. They have them all over the house but I didn't like to take photos of them all so this is just the one in their lounge.

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