Sunday, 5 October 2014

Theatre: Champions of Magic....

Yes back to our lovely local theatre again, The New Wolsey in Ipswich, but not for a play.
This time was specially for our mini magician O, together with Daughter and R (E away this weekend) a last minute decision and on a very wet Saturday afternoon the perfect place to spend it was at the Champions of Magic show.

Champions Of Magic

Join our award winning team of tricksters, swindlers and cheats for a spectacular night of mystery you'll be trying to work out for a very long time to come.

Audiences will witness mastery of card manipulation, death defying stunts, mind boggling sleight of hand and spectacular illusions from some of the foremost performers in magic include:

Fay Presto - Queen of Close-up

Alex McAleer - Master Mind Reader

Edward Hilsum - Magic’s Latest Sensation

Young & Strange - Grand Illusionists

Champions Of Magic includes 5 world class, award winning entertainers performing everything from stage filling illusions to magic right in the palm of spectators’ hands. Along with a live video feed, fiery pyrotechnics and stunning lighting, the show is an immersive experience in the art of magic.

As Daughter said on our way home, "We watch a lot of magic and how it's done because of O's interest to learn, so we know where to look for the sleight of hand and understand how a lot of the equipment works", but even so I think this stage show had a lot of WOW factor. Fay Presto did a lovely set with a little girl from the audience, with them both just sitting on the front of the stage doing a rope trick. Edward Hilsum wonderfully conjured doves from silk scarves and obviously loves his birds, he also did some really close up coin tricks and had the audience laughing with finger exercises! Young & Strange were a complete contrast with major equipment and lots of silly banter between them. My favourite was Alex McAleer who not only amazed us all with his mind reading tricks but had a really comfortable stage presence and direct use of the audience.

During the interval Alex prepared a trick in the foyer by getting people, including R and O, to fill in cards to seal in envelopes then lock away into a box for a member of the audience to guard until needed and I believe Fay meanwhile was conducting some close up magic up in the bar area.

After the show that had held in a spell our five year old (rest of us too) he insisted on pushing his way through the crowd in the foyer to collect a signed poster and tell Young & Strange "I do magic!"

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