Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Is no carpet safe? .......

A problem under our bed which turned out to be because the middle caster sits right on the join in the floor boards, so a big dent in the board and a hole in the carpet. Made worse no doubt by small children using the bed as a trampoline.

Furniture moved
Carpet up
Floorboard up
Support struts added
 New floorboard out of the loft
Cut to size (wrong way up)
Cut to size take2
All screwed down
Carpet back
All furniture back
Bed made and final vacuuming and you'd never have known he'd been there!


Michelle said...

We have floorboards in the dining room ruined by the sharp castors on the sofa having been driven into the wood by a small and then not so small C and then quite frankly not small at all C who would bounce up and down, up and down the four seats. With cabinets at each end she could bounce along back and forth quite violently!

When I realised I bought little cups to go under the castors but by then the damage was done.

That 4 seat sofa is now in the middle of the front room and I have removed the castors entirely as if you launched yourself down onto it (a la C) it would skiddaddle backwards and put scratches in the floor (that is not going to be the permanent floor so not a worry). Now it sits firm in place.

Replacing the dining room boards is a long way down the list though!

MumB / @mumbosh said...

We've been in this house 31 years now and the maintenance and potential improvements never stop. I do like to spend time appreciating what we have though before the next upheaval lol