Monday, 25 November 2013

Meet, greet and eat......

It was probably because everyone was waiting for me to be well enough, so some of the friends I see only a few times a year all came along at once which gave me a lovely weekend of old friends and lots of food :-)

Friday evening, friendD and I went for a pub meal, very successfully trying a pub she hadn't been to before. We worked out that we had met 23 years ago, lost touch for a while then thanks to facebook met up again.

Saturday Hubby and I drove about 65miles(ish) and gathered at friendsL&K for pre-dinner drinks and friendsB&T arrived very soon after we did. They laughed as they raised glasses of beer and wine while I raised a mug of tea! Us three girls have been friends since school days so never short of chat. Then out in the cold for a brisk walk to the restaurant....lovely and warm in there. The food was excellent but far too much of it, some of the starters were as big as I would want as a main course. I couldn't even manage a dessert and that's unheard of for me. We slept over at friendsL&K although bedtime was after the very chilly walk home and the warming drinks and lots more chat.

Sunday when we had all finally surfaced the lovely K cooked us all a yummy breakfast all while chatting about some exciting future plans they have. Then big hugs and promises to get together again soon and we left them to their busy afternoon and drove home.

Today I had a lunch date with friendN. We've known each other for a long time too, in fact I remember his daughter being born and this summer she got married! Love that we can do lunch now that he is retired too and we had a great catch up.

I'm so lucky to have all these friends and the opportunities to keep in touch....but I will need to cut back on the calories for the next few days hahaha

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