Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Grumpy grandma.....

No not me, how could you think that?

Granddaughter R had her end of term performance for drama group and she had the lead role. She was a fed up older lady worried about having a lonely Christmas because her young family had just emigrated to Australia.  At the end of the play, with help from her friends she received a laptop and was able to skype her family and watch her grandchildren unwrap their presents :-)

The day before Daughter and I were sorting out her costume. She was told to "wear something suitable" and to her as both her grandmothers wear normal jeans and jumpers she couldn't cope with us dressing her up. We tried hard to explain that it's necessary to exaggerate when you're on stage, so she reluctantly put on the floppy skirt, my slippers, an apron and turban tied headscarf and of course the two rows of beads.....then came down and announced to her sister "just look what they've made me wear!"

Well as we took our seats in the audience her drama teacher whispered to Daughter "great costume". The performance was excellent, everyone spoke clearly and remembered all their words and R was brilliant with her tray and making lots of tea and showing all her changing moods.

I'm a very proud grandma :-)

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