Friday, 28 December 2012

Family gathering prep...

Now Christmas day and boxing day have been and gone and the fridge is still groaning it was time to sort the leftovers. Most years my family gathering is on the 27th so 'leftovers' is not usually a problem but this year they are all coming here on the 30th.

Well after all that food prep and cooking before I didn't really feel like lots of cooking afterwards too so I kept it really simple. The turkey got stripped down and the white meat got sliced for sandwiches the rest got boxed into meal portions for the freezer and the cooked veg got diced mixed and boxed in portions too. What I plan to do sometime in the future is to take a box of turkey and a box of veg mix with gravy and top with mash or pastry, voila!

There were lots of cold roast potatoes, which I grated and added a mixture of cheeses, seasoning, good squirt of ketchup, big teaspoon of mustard powder, a couple of beaten eggs and about a dozen cream crackers ground to a powder (not as stodgy as breadcrumbs). This lot was formed into about 30 little patties and frozen on trays then bagged.

On Sunday we are hosting my family gathering, not everyone can make it but there will be 32 of us this year with a good mix of adults and children! Daughter is coming today to sort out our contributions for the buffet table. I've already got lots in the fridge and freezer and of course the cheese and potato patties will go in the oven then go on the table too.

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