Sunday, 4 December 2011

Five big smiles....

Now it's the end of term for the activities that the girls do, it was time for them to display for us.

First smile was going to the music concert Thursday evening where E was on percussion and also in the choir.

Second smile was E at another concert on Friday evening with E on percussion again, this time she had to play various instruments knowing when to change from one to another. Both concerts were good and E was excellent and it is always obvious how good she is for her age as she is one of the smallest in each orchestra.

Third smile was Saturday morning going to see R in her first ever real play for her drama group, it was Aladdin and she was the entrance to the cave and one of the dancing statues and also one of the narrators (the one with the clearest voice I thought).

Two very definite NOT smiles where that E had been unwell all night, so stayed home and missed her last music class of the term and also that no sooner the play had started than O made a run for the door and escaped with Daughter in hot pursuit so she missed her daughters first play :o(

Fourth smile was Saturday evening as R's dance teacher had organised a fun display evening where we all sat around the hall at tables, joining friends and munching on our own refreshments while the dancers put on a fantastic display of all they do and gained trophies and certificates. There was also the fun competition element for child and parent waltz and swingathon style twist (just like R had watched on Strictly Come Dancing) with the judge touching the shoulder of each contestant as they were told to leave until there was a winner. There was also a parade of dancers to win prince and princess prizes plus there was some line dancing and disco too, a very full and fun evening.

Unfortunately Saturday evening had two NOT smiles as well, as E was still not well enough so stayed home with Granddad and M didn't feel well when we got there and O got so restless that M took him to the car to play but we decided they should go home and the easiest way for everyone (except Hubby) was to ask Hubby to come to the hall and then take M O and E home...............thank you Hubby we do appreciate that you did that so Daughter and I could stay with R as she was having such a good time.

Today was my fifth smile and involved just adults. We are four sisters living quite far apart and today SisterP had us all to her house with husbands for a lovely dinner and a good chat. Can't believe we have all reached half-century and beyond and that we have never had an all adult meal together - such a good idea SisterP, thank you so much :o)

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