Thursday, 15 December 2011

A bit too quiet....

Daughter and her children have been away on holiday all this week, so I'd specially saved all the Christmas gift wrapping and final shopping trips to while they are away to make my life easier....and yes I've achieved all I really wanted to because it's been a lot simpler to leave stuff out till later, a lot less noisy without the regular button pushing on the musical garland, a lot calmer without the fights, a lot easier to plan meals, a lot simpler to stop for lunch when I'm ready to, a lot less Mario, a lot tidier without having to put toys away, a lot less creeping around because of the sleeping toddler, a lot less hunting out specific craft stuff and helping with makes and a lot less tripping in the hall over coats and boots! But I really miss them and can't wait to get back to normal   :o)

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