Friday, 7 October 2011

Sitting on the see-saw...

With the good weather it has been easy to keep up with the laundry.....but you wouldn't believe the huge pile of ironing that's waiting!

Looks like all 1,000 of the chamomile seeds I'd planted have germinated.....but don't really have the time/energy/compost for all the pricking out!

The "shall we have solar panels" debate is on again - a see-saw ride all of its own!
If you have solar panels and have any advice please let me know.

Booked an appointment with a new nail technician now my previous one has given up. Always a struggle to find a good one so fingers crossed.

Caught up with some recorded TV on Tuesday but only because my usual night out with friends got cancelled.

I got two new members to join our art group a month ago, but they didn't come back again last night.

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