Monday, 17 October 2011

Food for thought...

Seems the past week has been all about food....last Wednesday hubby and I went to stay with friendsL&K arrived for lunch and we went out for dinner in the evening then stayed over and had breakfast with them then left. We got home late afternoon Thursday (after buying my new lovely bright yellow mac) and out as three couples for a meal in a pub in Woodbridge that had a special deal on, FriendM insisted on paying for hubby and I as we had done some gardening for her daughter a little while ago.

On Friday our daughter was here with the children and we were treated to a three course meal cooked by the children. They need to have a main meal at a late lunch sort of time as they have a mixture of dancing, swimming, orchestra and trampolining to fit in between 5pm and bed so need a good meal to see them through! R made a crudites starter to go with the challah bread they had all made. E made a great lasagne and garlic bread served with salad and O made the apple crumble. All really lovely!

Saturday hubby and I took our friendsP&A out to dinner, to a pub they had never been to before. It was our treat as they had looked after our house and garden while we were away and as it had been so warm and dry they had done lots and lots of watering so well deserved a thankyou!

Sunday was just hubby and I so I spent a while chopping all sorts of veg to make a beef casserole, putting all the discarded peelings etc into a pot for soup. Actually daughter did call in with O and E and O thought that dinner was smelling so good that he kept saying how he was hungry until I put some of the casserole into a bowl for him.

Today my first job was to clean the cooker and while I was doing that I felt like baking something. As a total carb free experiment I tried Banana muffins using coconut was an absolute failure hahaha
Then daughter arrived with O and E and I made lunch, and then O wanted a bath, then I helped E with painting a canvas while daughter and O went to collect R from her sleep over, then played with O while daughter took E to her oboe lesson, then they were all back here wanting to go home for dinner but O was taking a nap and he is evil if you wake him, so there I was making dinner for 6, thankfully I make extras most dinners and freeze them so all home cooked except for R who wanted the chinese takeaway leftovers, E wanted the lasagne, hubby had the chilli and rice and some was taken from each of them for O while daughter and I had the soup......not posh but enjoyed by all for a change :o)

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