Friday, 19 August 2011


We are off on holiday next Tuesday so today I spent most of the time trying to sort out what we need to pack.

The easy bit is the fact that it's our third visit to this hotel - The Clio - in this resort - Alykes - on this Greek island - Zakynthos  also called Zante.

The hard bit is the fact that this time we are restricted to just one suitcase for hubby and I with a total weight of 20kg. We can also take hand luggage of 5kg each in a back pack, but hubby is determined not to carry more than we need.

So a day of list printing, washing, ironing, folding, list ticking and a trial of stuffing in the case and weighing which came to just 18kg. Hubby seemed relieved!

Glad I got the last bits of washing done as the weather forecast for the weekend is wet and today was gloriously sunny and warm......shame I spent lots of it inside by the ironing board.

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