Sunday, 11 July 2010

Zakynthos 2010

Tuesday 29th June – Tuesday 6th July

Our holiday was a great relax. Just four of us, hubby and me and Friends L&K. L and I have been friends since school days and she married a west London boy like I did, so they have always got on really well with each other too. We went back to the Clio Hotel, Alykes where we went two years ago but it was the fifth year in a row for L&K! Run by a lovely family who can't do enough to make everyone feel welcome! We hired a car just one day and drove around the island visiting the beauty spots and went to the beach for just a few hours another day but most of the time we lazed by the pool or wandered around the tacky souvenir shops or mostly finding different places to eat and drink............all at a snail's pace as it was around 36C most of the time!

On the day we arrived we wandered into town for our evening meal and met “Muscles” again. He’s a young guy who works the beach all day and pulls people into the restaurant all evening. When L&K first met him his English wasn’t very good (Albanian I think) so used to talk to them for ages to improve. He’s an uncontrollable flirt which makes him adorable and of course he got his nickname as it looks like he works out all the time! After eating we decided to just relax back at the hotel but they had a quiz night about to start as we got there… we joined in and won!

I really love Greek food but didn’t fancy too many hot dinners in such hot weather so had lots of salads, although couldn’t resist the lamb with oregano and garlic one night and sardines one lunchtime. I’ll never starve!!!

Our hotel hosted a Greek night. L&K were amazed as it has always been advertised but every previous year not happened during their holiday. Lots of lovely BBQ’d food followed by traditional Greek dancers, who kept getting us all to join in, followed by disco of some very old 60’s music. A really good night and more than enough exercise to cancel out our lazy week.

All too soon it was time to pack and head home. Only negative things to report was the very poor internet connection I got on my phone from their wifi but so long as I could let our daughter know we were OK I didn’t really care, and the other thing was insect bites which we all suffered with. Apart from that it was great and we told L&K that we’d love to do it again with them another year, perhaps avoiding July and August as they get a bit too hot.

Wanna come with us next time?

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MumB said...

Got talked into going again at the end of August 2011......hope it has cooled down a bit by then!