Monday, 26 July 2010

And another family gathering......

With my mum, dad, aunts and uncles all gone now it's not easy keeping up with what is happening to who in the world of cousins......and in my family there are a lot of them! So my CousinS decided to host a get-together (family from my mum's side) at her house, which was yesterday!

We were all asked to bring food for the table and we took some folding garden chairs too and drove to Edgeware (just under two hours from here). The gathering had to be in her garden as she lives in a small flat so we all kept everything crossed for good weather and it worked. Though lots couldn't make it there were in total 36 of us, a few of which (3 children and 2 partners) I'd never met before, so it was great having a good catch up gossip. I calculated down the generations and decided that little A and her big sister F are my 6th cousins (or should I say 'cousins 6 times removed' or does that mean something totally different?).

CousinB kept reminding everyone that I was her bridesmaid and that was 48 years ago! Thanks B.

The adults all kept moving around so I guess we all got to talk to everyone, I know I did. All the children seemed to be enjoying themselves but I was too busy to see if they were mixing with each other. LittleOne certainly got lots of attention from the children he knows and the ones he doesn't know too. Shame our girls couldn't be there as they were with their dad this weekend (went to collect them afterwards) hopefully they will be next time.

Took plenty of photos and today I shared them with everyone. I hope they share theirs soon. Also hope that all the promises of 'must do this again' happen in the not too distant future.

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