Sunday, 19 April 2009

What a busy day...

Had to log onto work for a couple of hours as so many forms still to fill in and I want to take the whole week off to play grandma so a small sacrifice.

Collected Sool and Dynamo for the afternoon hospital visit. Very happy to say that my precious daughter and LittleOne both looked well rested and much more comfortable. Then home where Hubby was cooking dinner and Olympian and Comedian were playing having been returned after a day out with their dad and his dad. They had been to the zoo and were full of Orangutan stories and more.

After dinner the girls and I collected Sool again and headed off for the evening visit. I just love all these cuddles. The girls also collected from home all their stuff needed for a sleepover at my house...........and that's where they are now fast asleep in the room we have here for them.

I've spent some of this evening catching up with phone calls and emails all congratulating on our new arrival and/or commiserating on the job many lovely family members and friends with kind wishes, I'm very lucky and feel so loved! Also an update on facebook for those I haven't the time for direct contact with just yet.

And now it's time for some tele and a cuppa then bed as I guess the girls will keep me busy tomorrow before we go off for our afternoon hospital visit again.

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