Wednesday, 19 July 2017


We are so lucky to live not too far from the beautiful East Anglian coast. Actually it isn't luck it was totally by choice over 30 years ago.

Always tricky to find a mutual date between us and friendsL&K but we did on our second attempt as we'd booked each other a month ago but on that morning it had poured with rain, so we postponed till yesterday and have to say the weather was perfect.

They arrived at ours just after 10am and as I opened the door us girls laughed as we'd both chosen to wear black and white patterned trousers with plain black tops!
 Cuppa at home in the garden first, then off to Southwold in K's open top car!
A lovely walk to the end of the pier popping into each little shop for a browse but didn't get tempted enough to buy anything. Stood fascinated watching the mechanical water clock and laughing lots looking at ourselves in each of the silly mirrors. Then walking beachside into town to hunt for lunch.

We saw so many women with very similar monochrome fashion to us that we felt like we'd all been sent the memo to wear the uniform of the day hahaha.

Lunch was downstairs in a cafe called The Cellar (I think) and we all enjoyed our sandwich choices which we walked off with a bit of a mystery tour through a park and at the back of places I'd not seen before, coming across a little building displaying the sign Electric Picture Palace and by the programme displayed outside very much still in use.

We had such a lovely relaxing day that I'd actually not taken any other photos but we continued this walk back round till we found the beach again then back up to the town centre as we'd previously seen a very special looking chocolate/cakes/ice creams shop and of course ice cream at the seaside is essential, mine was banoffee yum yum!

Eventually back to the car and still weather very much warm enough for a top down drive home. Total relax and chat with tea till we were just about hungry enough to head out again. We took our car to the pub with them in theirs and after a very nice dinner and big hugs in the car park we said our goodbyes and agreed we must get together again very soon.

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Michelle said...

i liked the pier and the bookshop in Southwold.

I like all piers and boardwalks :-)