Thursday, 1 September 2016

Nothing better than family hugs........

Tuesday late morning was friendDJ's funeral. Wow there must have been about 150 people at the crematorium service, trouble finding somewhere to park and definitely standing room only inside the chapel and flowing outside for those that couldn't even get inside. His coffin was a guitar case with stickers saying "this way up" and "now on tour" etc. The service had many family and friends personal contributions and once outside we all hugged and chatted friends and family together. The wake was supported by many musician friends performing on stage for him. He was such a kissing cuddling person himself I hope he was looking down.

I couldn't stay long at the wake as I'd already made other plans for sisterS, nieceV and my latest great-nephewC (he's now three months old) to visit and sleepover, they live about three hours drive away and I'd already missed some of our visit by telling them not to arrive till after 3pm.

When we were finally all here together we had a great time and sisterS was very generous (he's her first grandchild) so I had many many gorgeous baby cuddles!
Wednesday Daughter and O joined us for lunch too, so lots more cuddles all round. All to soon they were on their home!  


Michelle said...

Like the sound of the funeral - a fun funeral? Glad you were able to have lots more cuddles later too. I like that your day had a balance of celebrating friendDJ's life lived full of love and laughter and enjoying baby cuddles too. xxxx

MumB / @mumbosh said...

A good way to describe it, a balanced day! Circle of life eh?