Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy New Year.......

2016, doesn't time just fly by?
I've read good wishes and passed on good wishes all yesterday on all forms of social media and even to real people in person, and now my wishes are for you all.

The traditional toast here is for "Health, Wealth and Happiness" and for me that means taking responsibility for my own health as much as I can, eating sensibly most of the time but no fad diets or depriving myself of treats that give me pleasure, everything in moderation as they say! My exercise will come from housework and gardening, dancing when the mood takes me and getting out in the fresh air so I also get that buzz of achievements. Wealth should be measured in love, closeness of family and strong friendships and richness of life experiencing new places and hobbies and being open minded to others opinions. Happiness is laughing out loud or quiet contentment and taking the time to count my blessings and share it with others.

So yes I wholeheartedly wish you all Health, Wealth and Happiness for 2016 xx

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Michelle said...

Thank you! And to you too. Love your words on 'Health, Wealth and Happiness'. Beautifully written. x