Friday, 9 September 2011

Just a quickie.....

Not had much to blog about this week and actually not much time to blog anyway as I've been out most nights this week, a nice meal out wit the Tuesday Girls (on Tuesday of course) and Wednesday night had a lovely meal cooked for me when 7 of us sat round my friend's big round table and back to our art group and it was great to welcome two new members.

Also seems to be a bit of an art and craft week. Apart from the art group where I'm still completing the two portraits of R & E I've also had the girls sleep over when they made their own game of twister with the coloured disks and spinner, then when Os was with me and hubby for the day he wanted to be a butterfly so I had to make him antenna and wings and today the girls wanted help making rag rugs. I so love the fact that they are here often :o)


Nic said...

I love reading your blog, the genuine pleasure and joy you get from your family is so touching. Daughter E and your grandchildren are so very lucky to have you :)

MumB said...

Awww thanks Nic, really appreciate that comment and knowing that you regularly drop by :o)
Been avidly following your antics too. Very proud of you all for following your dreams! x