Monday, 20 July 2009


This morning when I flicked on the hairdryer there was a bit of a smokey, metally smell - just for a second - and in my head space where I should have been thinking "oh dear is something burning, do I need to turn this off and grab a fire extinguisher" I actually had the complete image of us as children playing with gun caps in those silly little plastic rocket things that you throw with great force nose to the ground to make the little cap go bang.......but often it doesn't so you do it again and again to give it another chance then take it out and squash it with your foot to make it finally crack, then comes that smell.

It's amazing how smells can bring on such graphic memory images:
- pipe smoke = dad sitting for ages creating his own blend of tobacco,
- burning rubber = me at 10 years old lying on a hospital trolley being anaesthetised for my tonsil op.

Can't actually think of any more just now........but when I do I'll report back.

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