Saturday, 10 April 2021

Seasonally Unpredictable.........

Good Friday was so cold sitting outside with Son and FiancΓ©, but look at this Sunday sunshine 🌞  So lovely sharing tea and cake with Daughter, M, R and O. Lots of Easter egg swapping too. 

 Monday it snowed! Thankfully not much and we still managed a bitterly cold coffee morning, starting a little late as we were all watching to see who was brave enough to come out first. 

There have been some email conversations with cousins and second cousins about staying in touch. Last year we had a zoom meet up which was UK cousins and those in Australia, we also wanted to include the US but couldn't manage a suitable time for everyone. More recently another family member who hadn't been involved then has now got in touch and suggested a private Facebook group so we can easily share photos etc. It was suggested to help everyone with how we fit together that we have a family tree, so I sent a photo of the one I did years ago. Unfortunately the software I used then is now obsolete so I've just got a printout that I scribble on. So the problems to solve is how do we get the couple of cousins that are terrified of tech and not on Facebook to join in, what software to use for a family tree and who is going to create it (I'm keeping my head down).

Busy day on Thursday and we are so out of practice for busy days. 8am and Hubby heads out for our click and collect shopping and then we both did the whole sanitising ritual before putting everything away. Then relax with breakfast and toasted fresh crumpets. Late morning we were out getting our second jabs, both done together this time. Only out the house about an hour but we were both ready for our lunch and the fresh tiger French stick (love shopping day). After lunch Hubby went outside again to carry on fence and shed painting and I had a few jobs to do. Thursday evening is always family quiz night. Hahaha we'll sleep well tonight, provided we don't roll onto the jabbed arms.

Friday we both reported nothing worse than sore achy arms that's jab related. Poor Hubby has had toothache for a while and when the filling fell out he made an appointment for next Wednesday, but yesterday half the tooth broke away so he remade an urgent appointment for 11am today. Unfortunately the tooth can't be saved so today it was Xrayed, cleaned and smoothed and covered in anti-germ stuff. In next Wednesday's appointment they will discuss and move forwards with either a denture or inplant.

And it's Saturday yet again. They forecast it is getting warmer by the middle of next week so hopefully a few more garden gatherings can be arranged. 
Meanwhile stay warm and stay safe.

Saturday, 3 April 2021

So What's Changed?........

Saturday and Sunday and nothing has changed. I discussed with my children in our group WhatsApp what we want to do over Easter and we all decided that confidently planning ahead now seemed trickier and a little unnatural.

Monday 29th March is the start in England of unlocking lockdown for hopefully the final time. We can now meet up again outside up to six people or any number if it's just two households. 
Coffee morning with the neighbours as usual and this afternoon Daughter came over with R, O and the dog. 

Got my letter from the government to officially say it's time to stop shielding. 

Daughter lent me this book. Serious covid from the patients view point. Brief, poetic as you'd expect from Michael Rosen, insightful, anyone whose ever been in hospital can relate to so much of it, and so so powerful. I'll say no more as you need to read it. 

Good Friday was very good as Son and fiancΓ© came over for the afternoon with their adorable little dog. In the garden of course, with heater, windbreak screen, blankets and hot water bottles and still really chilly. 

Happy Easter everyone, enjoy your new freedom but stay very safe.

Saturday, 27 March 2021

Guess I Must.........

Don't get me wrong, I love how the spring sunshine is brightly coming through every window, it's just showing up my definite lack of housework! Of course this wonderful poem by Rose Milligan echos my usual sentiment. 
So do I take my glasses off, close all the curtains or just get on with some dusting? 

Woke Tuesday with a pleasant thought of actually leaving the house today, be it just for a blood test, then checking my calender realised it's next Tuesday πŸ˜–πŸ˜‚

23rd March and one year anniversary of the start of the first lockdown. Obviously lots on TV and social media and Hubby and I with a couple of neighbours joined the 8pm doorstep silent tribute, with candles or torches, in remembrance for all those that have lost their lives to this vicious virus. 

From the kitchen window we noticed one of the local cats leaning right over the edge of the pond with its front paws on the stony liner and it appeared to be drinking the water or possibly eating something? It can't get to the fish as the pond is completely netted. On closer inspection we think it must have been eating frog spawn that's been laid on top and weighing the netting down. 

While so many people are desperate for hairdressers to reopen, tree beautifiers are still working. Hubby arranged for our beech tree to be trimmed back, after getting permission of course as it's under preservation order. This is the before photo, it's not the tree in full leaf behind, it's the bare branch tree in front of it. 
Hubby was recommended this company and recommendation is always valued. They have the clever name of "Special Branch". They also have clever kit of heavy duty shredder that feeds straight into their lorry. 
And afterwards, a good job done.

That's about it, so I'll post this now while I ponder what to have for breakfast! 
I hope you have a good week and stay safe.

Saturday, 20 March 2021

On a Film Fest........

Saturday matinee was this
I hadn't seen the previous animated version so I'm not comparing. This one I thought typical Disney with lovely scenery, costumes, clever filming etc but a story that's totally over the top. I wouldn't bother paying money for a cinema seat (if that were even allowed) but entertaining enough to sit at home in the warm with my knitting. 

Mother's day - postal delivery of large box of artisan fudge and flowers and card and a unique hand made printed lino-cut card which was delivered in person. 
I'm a very lucky, very loved mummy ❤ 

Bit of car swapping as Daughter's car needs it's MOT and service which our neighbour is doing so she left her car on our drive and took mine. 

Another film we've watched
I don't think I can actually give you my review as I found how it made me feel really confusing. Basic story is Jojo is a 10 year old boy and nazi youth seeing war and the people around him through his junior eyes. It is a full on mix of comedy, satire, nazi bashing, and total fantasy that is also really sad in places.

Hubby found another film for us both to watch
A treasure hunt fraught with danger, involving children/teens where they also find family bonding, deeper friendships and their Hawaiian heritage. Predictable but still very good.

I've actually started a book this week, loaned to me by a neighbour. I haven't read a book for ages possibly years. Shame it's hard back and heavy to hold. 

Plus Hubby keeps finding films to watch in another room if he knows I'd not enjoy them. He definitely needs more good weather to get him outside again. 

Amazed that with the current news about lack of vaccine supplies possibly causing a slow down, now calling for all in their 50s....... my 18 year old granddaughters have their appointments for the coming week! 

And the rest of the week has drifted by uneventfully. 
Stay safe.

Saturday, 13 March 2021

Review, Repair and Reflection.........

Saturday matinee was this....
A 2020 adaptation of Roald Dahl's book, this time set in 1960s Alabama, which maybe wanted to highlight American race relations of that time but actually didn't. We enjoyed it as a cold afternoon's light entertainment. The CGI created some very clever special effects and one or two little snippets were almost horrible enough to have disturbed me had I been me as a child.

There's some floorboard repairs happening
So lucky having a Hubby that can do so much, and he's definitely happier when he's doing. 

Dominating the media this week, both public and social, is of course Oprah's interview with Harry and Meghan. I'm not going to add to the debate but a couple of quotes made me smile - Someone called them marmite celebrities. I've also seen them referred to as "Ginge and Whinge". πŸ˜‚
But sadly it also reminded me of the struggle to bring mixed cultures together as it was for Hubby and me and other family members, which brought confusion, pain, harsh words and long silences. So maybe working monarchy aside they are just a struggling family. 

Front door and side panel finally got finished after covid interrupted their factory production, we weren't in any rush. Really nice fitter who sorted all the problems and made sure everything was perfect before he left. Funny how this has taken three visits and each time they've had to work in heavy rain! 

Another matinee on a wild windy Friday. 
This was the 2021 sequel to the original 1988 film (wow didn't think it was that long ago!)  Eddie Murphy humour and his multi-characters were fun as expected although sometimes totally over the top, however, over the top lavish sets and costumes were appreciated. 

This morning we were both up really early and the sun is really bright, although I'm sure it's still chilly, so hoping to have some out in the garden time and add to my vitamin D. 
Till next week, stay safe.

Saturday, 6 March 2021

Time Marches On.........

Should I be worried? Do you think Hubby has an addiction now? 
This one finished (I enjoyed helping too)
This one started immediately
And apart from stopping completely for lunch (well you can't eat a bacon sandwich, watch the news and handle puzzle pieces at the same time) he completed it in one sitting.  
This one next, a bit of a challenge with two large areas just blue and green. Still only Wednesday! 
Then just as I was going through the yellow pages looking for a therapist, he said "Think I'll give this a rest for a while" and packed it all away! 

Over ripe bananas warranted two bananas loaves and one went straight into the freezer so we didn't eat it all just because it's there. 

And that's about the sum of this week. Coffee morning on Monday was really cold sitting out, proving that spring will get here when it's good and ready and not before. I've two clothing projects I need my sewing machine for, so I braved testing it out again and it jammed again, so I walked away in disgust. I've also given up on the 40hrs lent challenge and don't even feel guilty. So not good or bad just plodding along with the same ol same ol stuff. 

Maybe I'll find something really exciting to tell you about next week. 
Meanwhile don't lower your guard just yet, stay safe.

Saturday, 27 February 2021

Spring is Springing..........

Jigsaw #3 will be finished soon (this was last Saturday). 

I've swapped walking on the treadmill (with the TV for company) for walking round the garden again now the weather has been milder. Sunday I decided to play some music on my phone and found "best of the 60s" on YouTube which started off quite well, but then my sisters were WhatsApp-ing (we have a 3-way group) and YouTube refused to compete. Plenty of birdsong so I enjoyed that instead. 

Hubby's car went for a service and MOT, so I followed to bring him home and drove him back to collect. This is in fact only the second time in a year that I've driven! I've only really left home for medical stuff and Hubby comes too so he's driven. Glad to find I haven't forgotten how. 

Turned into beautiful spring weather this week and the garden is definitely waking up. 
Hubby was making the most of the sunny dryness and got straight onto painting the fence. He had some help when R came over to paint fence panels too, all outdoors and I paid her as a worker so no covid rules broken. 
She nearly got stuck behind the railings though
Jigsaw #3 finished and #4 about a third done, but progress will slow right down while the weather is for outside activities. 

Good time to post this as I'm making us a cuppa and we'll sit by the pond in the sun watching the fish. 
Stay safe.

Saturday, 20 February 2021

It's A Lot Warmer Inside........

Still snow on the ground and the bright sunshine couldn't budge it above -1°C.
Our Saturday matinee was a cute animated dragon film. 
A very welcome interlude for me between all the cricket and the rugby. 

Sunday was Hubby's birthday
Amongst other things I'd bought him four new jigsaws and Son had had delivered a lego motorbike kit, so hopefully that will keep him occupied on bad weather lockdown days. Daughter popped over alone to bring his prezzie and hilariously she'd been having a sort out and brought four more jigsaws she thought he might like!!! 

Monday and there must have been quite a bit of rain overnight as most of yesterday's thick snow had vanished. No outside coffee morning again as it carried on raining. With the lego almost finished yesterday (there's a mug behind holding it up)
it turned into a jigsaw day
And by the end of the day he'd finished jigsaw one, done about a third of jigsaw two and finished the lego bike plus doing other stuff so he didn't get backache. 

Tuesday it was the turn of Hubby's motorbike (not the lego one) to go for an MOT, at least with all his gear on he kept warm waiting on the car park bench watching the trains for nearly an hour. 
Shrove Tuesday or pancake day yummy πŸ˜‹ 

Wednesday is the start of lent and once again Daughter is using that as an excuse to dedicate 40 hours in the 40 days for something extra, and those joining in can note their achievements daily on the group Facebook page. Daughter is getting back to her piano practice. Last year I used it to get my crafting mojo back but with a year of lockdowns and shielding I've sat on my bum far too much, so I'm going for 40 hours of any physical activity. 

Thursday was 21 days since my first jab which is the time they say for immunity to kick in. 
Quiz tonight was 44/50 so not too bad. 

Friday I had the followup cystoscopy and I'm very very pleased to report my bladder looked completely clear so no further treatments and next cystoscopy booked for three months time. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜πŸ˜·πŸ‘πŸΌ

Stay safe everyone, stay warm and hope to see you back here next Saturday.

Saturday, 13 February 2021

Another Weekly Report........

Vaccine report
Saturday Son had his first jab as he's on the extremely clinically vulnerable list and I'm so relieved. Sadly he'd had the AstraZeneca vaccine and felt unwell for three days. Talking to others it seems the AZ causes more yukky than the Pfizer, but still a small price to pay for the protection. 

Weather report
Sunday about 7:15am the snow started here, fine flakes that were blowing and swirling blizzard style and despite the very wet ground, settled immediately. 9am Hubby was out there shoveling and gritting our road and he was soon joined by a little neighbours' workforce of five.  
By 9:30am all those footprint were covered with a thicker layer.
All day Monday it snowed, first thing three of them shovelled and gritted. 
Tuesday has been snowing on and off throughout the day, first thing Hubby and neighbourA shovelled and gritted. 
Thursday and what they've cleared has stayed clear. Hubby still walks right down the road to check it's all safe. 
Still quite thick in the back garden where there's less sun. Those are Hubby's footprints as he makes sure the water feature doesn't freeze up as the birds love their bath even in this weather brrrrrr
And today it looks much the same. Quite frozen and crunchy underfoot, says Hubby as I've not been outside at all πŸ˜‚

Cancelled stuff report
No on-your-own-drive coffee morning in the snow of course, however when Hubby was snow clearing he did check on a few neighbours. 
Tuesday Hubby's car was due in for a full service and MOT, but thankfully he has a couple of weeks to spare so waited until Tuesday morning and after being outside shoveling and gritting our road for the third time he came in and rebooked his car for when the weather is hopefully better. 
Thankfully my car MOT and service didn't get cancelled as it's Thursday and the snow problem is melting. We don't even leave the house for this one as our neighbour is the mechanic so he goes to work in my car and brings it back done when he's done for the day. 

Nothing else to report on while still in lockdown. 
Keep safe and keep warm.

Saturday, 6 February 2021

The Good And The Not So Good........

I bought a new toy, hoping it will make housework a little more appealing. πŸ˜‚ it's a hard floor cleaner and I've tried so many mop and bucket, or squeezey mop types but often they make a mess, or too much effort to get the scrubbing pressure, or the heads never dry so I can't put them away! 
Appears to work well as those pads are filthy! 
First few times will be a novelty but I'll try to report back in a few months time and let you know if the novelty has worn off. πŸ˜‚

Tuesday Hubby got his first jab and thankfully only a slight ache next day. Our surgery seem to be ahead of most of them here as Hubby is under 70 and not on the extremely vulnerable list, although he does take permanent medication so that may have been why. For whatever reason we are grateful. 

A socially distanced, no hugging, no singing, talking behind masks funeral is so hard. 

And the rest of the week has been "same old same old" good, ok, bit boring, rubbish TV, monotony, etc etc however we are still healthy and staying safe and expecting a lot of snow on Sunday, so that will give online friends plenty to talk about and show their pictures. 

Stay warm and stay safe and let's hope spring flowers will soon be brightening our outlook.